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" The Design Oscar " : France " GPDP AWARD " International Awards

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Every year the French Academy of Design awards the most outstanding designers, this is an international event awarding three different designers through three different categories.

2018 year-end in a good way for Avori Studio. ” - Li Ruoyu

Ms. Anne-Marie Sargueil, attended and hosted the event

As the founder of “Janus”, one of the world's three major industrial design awards, the French Institute of Design enjoys a high position in the field of industrial design.

The International Professional Design Jury, organized by the French Academy of Design, conducted a comprehensive review of the selected design works, and finally evaluated the award-winning design works in various professional categories, and presented the award certificates and trophies to the designers and design institutions that won the international design award of the "GPDP AWARD" of the French double-sided god" of the world.

Introduction to the project

Project Name: 138-Park - Vanke Park Avenue Sales Center

Project Address: Kunshan, Suzhou

Project completion: July 2017

Design Director: Li Ruoyu

The ‘138° Degree Park’ is a unique name given to the work done by Li Ruoyu and his interior design team for Vanke Park Avenue Sales Center in Suzhou. Li and his team envisions a modern identity for this ‘Park’ that redefines and challenges the traditional perception of spaces.

Design concept

Poets have always painted of Suzhou with the sculptured bridges, rushing water and towers. Whenever we think of the ancient gardens and picturesque scenery in Suzhou, we will always get lost in the cultural heritage. Thus water flowing beneath the little bridges, inherited a great inspiration to the contemporary design, which naturally involved the Jiangnan temperament of pretty bridges and the attic pavilions.

The architectural concept of this project comes from the movement of water. Especially from the “138 degree diamonds” that perfectly combine classic shape and the modern lines which led to a surreal reality for this place. The autumn whispers and the leaves falling down, and a modern version of exquisite features of scenic gardens has been created and presented. People and the space thus constructed a resonance beyond the emotion. For our designers, Vanke's "landscape first" concept perfectly presented the poetic Jiangnan philosophy of integration which has been unreservedly applied to the interior landscape design by Li Ruoyu's team.


From the point of view of our designers, space is a poetic philosophy. Li Ruoyu and his team are trying to create a link between space and man through a philosophical and scientific approach thanks to the 138° diamonds. They used these diamonds to "cultivate" a modern Jiangnan Park.

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