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Xiasong Library at Liangzhu village Cultural Art Center

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Design is about creating art, about concepts that have never been done anywhere else.

Project name: Xiasong Library at Liangzhu village Cultural Art Center

Location: Hangzhou

Completed in: 2018

Size: 2500m2

Design with Ease

The beauty of the of the building itself has been thought and created by the Japanese architect and winner of the Pritzker Prize, Tadao Ando, and the interior is not only an exhibition building, but also a cultural and educational building with his public library.

After opening to the public, it became a must-visit for young artists.” - Li Ruoyu

The Liangzhu Culture and Art Center creatively integrates the aesthetics of East and West, perfectly representing the spatial concept of Tadao Ando focusing on the intrinsic relationship between people, architecture and nature.

Our interior design team also continued the master's philosophy, since the beginning of the design, decided to use simple language, simple way to enrich the space, to bring more diverse comfortable reading experience. Here, the concrete building and the library's wooden furniture, mutually benefit and complete each other.

Get Inspired

Step into the "Xiaosong Library", through the first or two layers of space of the top of the ground of the original wood-colored bookshelves surrounded by three walls, on which you can find more than 50,000 books. This immediately shock the senses, but at the same time quickly drowned people in the ocean of knowledge.

There are all kinds of furniture, such as scattered tables and chairs, combination cabinet sofas, floor-to-ceiling tatami chairs, all kinds of flexible cushions... Provide sleazy reading for readers.

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