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Singapore Interior Design Award 2018

SIDA Concept 2018 celebrates the effort that goes into conceptualizing, developing and presenting the ideation of solutions actual or imagined.

SIDS started in 1994 and is one of the oldest professional society to represent the Interior designers & interior design industry as a whole. As a non-profit organization that serve the interior design industry at a national level, we have set stringent tasks for ourselves to raise as well as to uphold the professional standards and reputation of the ID profession.

The Award

The history of this competition

As a design and Creative strength in Asia and the world, Singapore is seen as a highly sophisticated city with a strong mix of international creative talents. As such, we must not be complacent and must work very hard to upkeep the current reputation we enjoyed.

As far as Interior Design profession is concern, it cannot depend solely on creativity alone but it is also about professional competency. Thus, we applause Design Singapore Council for taking the initiative to push for the accreditation of the ID profession. The Society is backing this initiative fully and is ever-ready to collaborate with the Singapore Design Council at any point to promote and to enforce the outcome.

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